Godberd is proud to present Curious Physics. 
I find myself looking at how I blend into or intersect with my larger environment and whether or not I'm aware of this on a deliberate level or if I happen upon it subconsciously. I am interested in the process of how we put ourselves into our space, how the emotional manifestation of ourselves becomes physical in the space we take up, and when (and if) that taking up of space is something we can and will show, either on accident or on purpose.
- Francesca Tallone
This exhibition features artists who examine their physicality in space through video and photography, individually and collaboratively, in an attempt at engagement. 
Room Service (Kathy Lewis, 2017)
She hated this tropical paradise. She woke up alone and checked the weather. Sunny again. She ordered room service. 
As Kathleen Stewart describes them, ordinary affects, "can be experienced as a pleasure and a shock, as an empty pause or a dragging undertow, as a sensibility that snaps into place or as a profound disorientation." (2007) 
Starting from these everyday sensations, I explore psyche through landscape and repetitive, anonymous actions. 
THE MANFALLET (Olivia Faye Lathuillière + Francesca Tallone, 2017)
This is the beginning of a collaboration that will look at movement and stillness in space.
This project explores the process of movement into landscape, the impact of gesture in its environment, feeling the space and placing the body as if it were about to merge itself into it. 
Kathy | Olivia | Francesca
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