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Godberd is a non-profit collective bent on
discovering, supporting and promoting
select artists and their work.

Gamma is the physical and immersive
extension of Godberd where people flock

Interdisciplinary collaborative endeavors and hybrid events are what we do.
Whether it be visual art, performance, literature, fashion or music, Godberd
is committed to preserving, honouring and promoting the individual and
collective artistic communities from the diverse city in which we thrive:

Bi-monthly we host curious events that showcase the talents of multiple
members of the collective in an interactive and improvisational sphere. In
the off-hours Gamma is where we hold workshops, screenings and anything
that can be.

tel : 1 866 264 4000
email : info@godberd.com

2050 avenue joly,
H2X 3G9



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