La Lanterne

The Lantern x LVNEA is a collaboration between Stephanie Creaghan, Florence Vallières
and April Lea (founder of LVNEA) together they produced a scent score to accompany
the screening of La Lantern.

Simon White & Colin Courtney

Artist Simon White & Colin Courtney’s sculpture/installation is an interactive piece where
the viewer are invited to play with the sculpture by means of arranging the objects as
desired so it changes
and morphs throughout the exhibition.


GAMMA is proud to present METAMOON, which will feature two visiting authors: S.K. Hughes (Hamilton) and Ruby Brunton (New York City).

Album Launch:
Belave “the world is rain.”

Album release celebration of ‘Belave; the world is rain.’
presided over by Ivory Towers;
with solo performances by Devon Welsh and Matthew E. Duffy.


A project that’s been gestating in winter secret is opening
its doors to summer. A space for people for art, a conduit,
a cove. Come find us. 3pm – 8pm. Open bar.

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